Welcome to the summer! I’m a student at the University of Minnesota just finishing my sophomore year, planning to graduate with degrees in Chemistry and Computer Science. A couple days ago we finally got above 70° F (21°), and hopefully we won’t get a repeat of last year, with a foot of snow in May. I’m excited for the opportunity to work on the Lightning calendar project for the summer, and some of that work has already begun. To begin, I’ve checked out a patch written by one of the mentors, Philipp Kewisch (:Fallen), that makes Lightning’s storage system asynchronous. An asynchronous system allows the program to continue executing without waiting for a reply from the function that was called. This makes the program a lot more responsive, as hopefully you avoid the entire program hanging while waiting for information to return. Instead the work is just done in the background and the information is just returned before it’s needed. The current work is in Bug 501689, and it will hopefully bring about some significant performance improvements. I’ve finished fighting with Mercurial and have applied the older patch to the current code base, and begun converting the already written asynchronous code to use Promises, a newer way to ensure that the asynchronous call completes before the information returned by it is needed. There’s just a week left until the coding period really begins, and I’m excited to get started!


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